Mr. Platt

A Message from the Superintendent

Change is a Constant Opportunity

This past summer has been filled with many meetings and conversations about change.  Most of these meetings are a result of what will happen with the bond project.  Change will become very visible as we go through the process of updating Hart High School, Spitler Elementary and the track.  The opportunity that this change will provide is exciting and very much needed.  As we head into the new year, please know that I am very grateful for our community passing the millage in May.

As our facilities undergo change, there will be times of inconvenience.  Those growing pains are unavoidable, but we promise to do our best to keep you posted on the progress.  We will be adding a blog link specific to the bond process once we get a little closer to construction. This blog will let you see inside the project and give you up to date information and pictures.  There will be a link on our website.

Speaking of the website.  Our web address has changed.  A special thank you to Phil DeBrot for all his efforts on creating our new website.  The new site is viewable in English and Spanish and is mobile friendly.  Please check us out at www.hartschools.net.

Change continues for me as well.  Last summer, when I wrote the article for the Fall Pirates Treasure, I was in the middle of moving to Hart.  That change provided a great opportunity for my family and I to live in a wonderful town and make some new and special friends.

Change continues in our staffing.

  • Finance Director: Last February we hired a former Hart graduate, Jesse Rickard, as our new Finance Director.  He has been an excellent addition who is making the transition from the banking world to the educational world.  His work ethic, integrity and genuine compassion for the District is extremely visible and valuable.
  • Athletic Director:  The last two years were wonderful with Mike Rawert leading our athletic department.  There are two ways to look at Mike’s departure.  1) loss or 2) grateful for the time we had and the work he did.  I choose number 2.  Mike’s work with the coaches and myself was contagious and set the groundwork for the direction we will head.  The hiring committee consisted of 13 people.  They were Tina Wiegand, Lisa Miller, Kathy Wilson, Matt McDonald, Kevin Ackley, Terry Tatro, Mindy Whitney, Brenda Sequin, Gary Jorrisen, Staci Hovey, Tim Hertzler, Larry Witham and myself.  The field of candidates was very impressive and the decision was not an easy one.  What a great situation!!!  In the end, we are very pleased to announce that Jason Hernandez is our new athletic director.  We are confident that Jason will continue to move Hart athletics in the direction that we have charted.

 However, as awesome as change can be, stability can also be a desirable quality.  We are thrilled to be returning our three building principals in Amy Taranko, Kevin Ackley and Matt McDonald.  We also will be returning a fantastic teaching staff that will provide your child with a first class educational experience. Finally, we are returning a great group of Board Members in Jeff Gebhart, Judee Wilson, Dwight Fuehring, Dr. Robert Fong, Chad Coker, Irma Hinojosa, and Peggy Wittman.

Let’s have a great year together making Hart Public Schools the very best district around!


The district takes great pride in its staff and students.  Among the many accomplishments, the following stand out:

  • Rising test scores
  • Strong curriculum initiatives including established benchmarks, common assessments, curriculum maps and professional learning communities
  • Cutting edge technology including computer labs, telephone and internal communication devices, iPads, Chromebooks, Nooks, Smart Boards, Elmo capabilities and Power School Parent Portal.
  • A strong performing arts program for the school and community
  • New and renovated facilities on a single campus
  • An excellent and caring teaching staff that understands and appreciates the students and the community
  • An effective administrative team

We invite our parents and community members to be involved in our schools. We value and welcome your input. Please feel free to contact us for more information.